Natalia Zueva

botanical artist and illustrator

About me

As a child I was fond of beholding flowers and leaves, landscapes and sky. I thought that I would have been the happiest person if I had been able to express my admiration with help of colours and pencils. Unfortunately, there was no chance to study professionally in my childhood. After school, I received a master's degree in sociology, and began to study history of the arts. Later I received a diploma in art history at the Academy of Fine Arts in Saint-Petersburg. But my desire to draw, and to become an artist did not disappear.

I have been interesting in botanical art since 2014. At last my dream came true. I started studying drawing by myself. When I found Alexander Vyazmenskii’s classes, I studied regularly at his classes. He taught me to master the details, to observe the deepest level of nature objects. I took part in online and offline workshops of other botanical artists as well. At the same time, I am studying the academic drawing at 4-year courses in the Academy of Fine Arts in Saint-Petersburg.

I enjoy examining and drawing flowers, dry leaves, fruits, and other objects. I admire the captive beauty of plants both in growing and dying forms. In the nature everything is unique. The more I practice botanical art, the more I love and admire its variety and diversity. I hope that I convey my admiration and respect for nature to my students, I have recently begun teaching the botanical painting.

My artworks could be seen in private collections in Russia and in the Europe. Commissions and inquiries will be welcomed.

I participated with my artworks in following exhibitions:
- First (April, 2016), Second (April, 2017) and Third (April, 2018) St. Petersburg Exhibitions of Botanical art, Saint-Petersburg, Russia,
- First (June 2017) and Second (May 2018) Exhibitions “Blossom Time”, The State Museum Pavlovsk, Russia,
- Fall exhibition of Botanical Art and Illustration, November 2017, Moscow, Russia.
- Spring exhibition of Botanical Art and Illustration, March 2018, Moscow, Russia,
- International Botanical Art Exhibition, April 2018, Seoul, South Korea,
- Botanical Art Worldwide Russia, May 2018, Saint-Petersburg, Russia,
- Exhibition “Amazing Trees”, May-August 2018, San Marino, California, USA.

My artworks in collaboration with calligrapher Irina Lebedeva took part in following exhibitions:
- International Exhibition “Rutenia”, 2014, Kiev, Ukraine,
- International Calligraphy Exhibitions “Obraz I Bukva”, June 2015 and June 2017, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.